Office of the TDB College:


The office of the TDB College, Raniganj performs a variety of assignments with absolute skill and efficiency. Everything is done by giving full attention to the interest of the students. Each and every pupil is shown care and concern. Their needs and requirements are given priority very consciously. The various acts related to the student-folk like form fill-up, admission procedure, and review applications have been handled by them very patiently. They are ready all the time with punctuality and dedication. Each and every member of staff never tries to avoid responsibilities and duties assigned to them. During the time of final examinations, they are seen providing help and assistance without any delay and excuse. Seat arrangements, answer script distribution, maintenance of attendance sheets, supplying loose sheets- all these exam related activities are executed by them flawlessly. At the end of the exam, they make parcel and packets of all the answer scripts. It is done by them very confidently.

In the office of TDB College, almost all the staff have been given the facility of a computer and printer. Xerox facility is also available. Because of the presence of all this modern equipment, they have become very skillful and efficient. So, the college-related work has been done without the waste of time. Their precision and perfection help a lot to run the administration of the college without any disturbance and barriers.