Aims and Objectives of ST/ SC/OBC and Minorities Cell
The S.T., SC., OBC and Minority Cell was established in the year 2016 with the objectives of empowering the students of the minority communities who come from the marginalized and economically backward sections of society. Trivenidevi Bhalotia College, Raniganj is committed to providing an environment that promotes diversity and respects everyone regardless of colour, religious belief or culture.
Objectives of the SC/ST/OBC and Minorities Cell
1. To implement the reservation policy for SC/ST/OBC candidates as per the University Guidelines followed by the college.
2. To collect requisite data regarding the implementation of the policies in respect of the admission procedure of the college.
3. To take follow-up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down by the Government of India and the UGC.
4. To execute, monitor and evaluate continuously the reservation policy in the college. To plan measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policies and programmes of the Government of India.
5. To ensure equal opportunities for the education of minorities.
6. To make the minority students aware of various scholarships from State Government and UGC.
7. To encourage students to enroll in career-related orientation programmes which would empower them with necessary skills to choose better career options.
Name of The Members Description and Designation
Dr. Asish Kumar Dey Chairman
Dr. Amitava Nayek Convener
Mr. Pankaj Soren Member
Mrs. Sumbul Nasim Member
Dr. Sabera Khatoon Member
Mr. Subhajeet Singh Sardar Member
Mr. Molay Kumar Ruidas Member
Mr. Partha Mandal Member
Dr. Deepjay Sarkar Member