Department of Commerce

Commerce Department with intermediate course only started its journey as a private section of this college in the year 1957. B.Com.(General) course & B.Com. (Honours) course started in the year 1960 and 1967 respectively. Finally, private section merged with sponsored section in the year 1978.
Our college is situated at the heart of coal belt as well as industrial belt. So, this region has been evolved as a business hub of our country. Keeping in view, commerce department since its inception has been devoted to educate its students in accounting, management, tax, economics and business laws etc. for promoting skilled and professional man power to achieve growth and development of trade, industry and commerce of this region. Truly speaking our department has been maintained its reputation continuously and results of our outgoing students and their engagement in different organizations would speak about contribution of our department.
From time-to-time department of commerce has also conducted various Conferences, Workshops and Seminars to motivate the students and teachers and help in their career development. To build up administrative and managerial skills, students are motivated and given responsibilities of organizing various events. Upon graduation, many students find placements with renowned business organizations.
The Department of Commerce has got its additional responsibilities with starting the program of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) which was started in August, 2021 with an affiliation from Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol, envisions creating the Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who are competent to adapt to the ever changing and evolving business environment through its prestigious Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course.
The Department enhances the overall teaching-learning experience through its equipped computer lab cum ICT class room with meaningful and focused special lectures, training programs and workshops, seminars and conferences and various other educations cum entertainment activities. The department aims that majority of the students should engage in innovative and creative work and explore the avenues available to them.